Are we really doing this? Are we trying to turn the Black Panther movie into an actual movement? A cartoon character that is King of a fictional kingdom named Wakanda. We are actually taking time out of our lives to band together and fight over whether or not the Black Panther is propaganda by white media? We are debating whether or not the movie should donate 25% of the proceeds to the black community! We are making fun of people who wanted to dress up in African attire to attend the movie.

Really? Is this really what motivates the melanted masses? Am I really taking this seriously? Should I?

I understand both sides of the argument. I understand that Disney is a white owned corporation that will make a mint off of the melanted communities enthusiasm over the Black Panther superhero movie, which we should I might point out. This character is a far cry from the constant negative imagery that we are accustomed to seeing non stop in white controlled media. So yes, makes sense that we are excited to see such a positive image in white media that the whole family can go out and see together. Truthfully, I don’t even allow my children to watch movies about slavery or street mythology that have the racial stereotype brand of seasoning.

I also understand that for many they just want to enjoy the movie without having to justify it to those who are overly sensitive to anything that white media puts out, like there’s a damn alternate the moment that can provide the type visual spectacle that Marvel has been putting out. It’s not gonna happen at this moment in time.

So right now, We have to rely on Disney to create this visual marvel for us to enjoy. Basically, just like 99.9% percent of the movies that we have ever seen in our individual lifetimes. This reactionary perspective that is growing on social media, which is 99.9% white owned btw, is basically silly. We did not turn out for movies that were actually black owned like “Birth of a Nation”. All the while countless others black owned project have to be released straight to DVD because of poor support from melanted investors and/or melanted consumers.

So the reality of the situation is that we have to rely on white media to give us the this level of content. So, by not turning out in mass when the films are our own and then arguing about the high turn out to a film that has a 200 million dollar budget paid by Disney is simply silly.

This is simply the ongoing reality that we cannot support smaller movie studios because of our addiction to the high quality of big budget films created by white owned studios. We would have to ignore big budget films altogether for at least a generation and spend those same melanted consumer dollars on black owned films so that we can give those companies the capital they need to grow into competitive studios.

But the question is, will we?

And until that question is answered,

Just watch the damn movie!