Here’s How That Viral Black History Month Drawing Ended Up on ‘Atlanta’

Atlanta‘s most recent episode, the instant-classic “Teddy Perkins,” elicited a wide range of emotions from those who watched, including genuine fear about our perpetually-chill homeboy Darius possibly getting smoked and awe at Donald Glover’s audaciousness as an auteur. No reaction will be quite like Justin Richburg‘s, though. The 29-year-old Philadelphian got a quick thrill when his artwork popped up in one of the episode’s minor moments: On the background of Darius’ phone when his friend Paper Boi jokingly texts him, “U dead yet?”—completely unaware of the deep shit he’s in.

Black Twitter fans who were paying close attention recognized this as the star-studded Dice Game painting that Richburg published back in Black History Month. While it was mainly an aha moment when it popped up in Atlanta, the reactions back in February ranged from This is dope to a fed-up Who’s responsible for this? To summarize, the drawing is a Ghetto Heaven caricature: Allen Iverson, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X are super excited to play dice in an alley; Barack Obama (and Michelle?!) preside over Hennessy; crooked cop Alonzo Harris somehow gets an invite; and Black Panther is chilling in the back, taking a break from his superheroic duties. This isn’t even a fraction of what’s going on here. It’s the type of joyously surreal thing Darius would love.