If the dystopian future is now, thank god for flower-crown selfie filters. Be it resilience or ignorance, human beings seem innately programmed to fend off the worst of times by pretending everything is fine. Fortunately, Jean Grae and Quelle Chris have come to read us for filth.

On their new collaborative album, Everything’s Fine (out March 30), they reveal complacency to be the real opiate of the masses. But their Mello Music Group release isn’t some self-serious attempt to save the world from itself. This is Grae and Chris — two emcees with deep discographies, well-versed in the art of satire and self-parody — trying to save themselves from a civilization on the decline. Calling them rappers almost isn’t fair: They might be the most lit comedic duo since Cheech & Chong. And when tasked with offering an escape from reality or confronting it head-on, they inevitably chose both. Not that reality gave them much of a choice.