Ice Cube Responds to Drake’s “Diss” during Bay Area Interview w/ Sana G!

.Drake took a shot at The West Coast legend on his new album, so you know we had to get Ice Cube’s reaction! Listen to the uncensored Sanacast Podcast above.(convo about Drake starts at 5:50)

Ice Cube is back on The Sanacast to talk about  the fall out from his comments about Drake on the Sana G Morning Show, the Big 3 basketball tournament in Oakland, and the next installment of  “Friday” and who may and may not be in it. Recorded in front of a live  audience at the T Mobile Signature Store in San Francisco!

.On Drake’s new album “Scorpion,” he responded to the comments Ice Cube made during his interview with the Sana G Morning Show! Listen to the clip above to hear the Sana G Morning Show break it down!

On the song “8 Out Of 10” Drake raps:

“Had to go hit reset now we here… I been on top of 3 sets of 3 years!”

This  is clearly in response to these comments Ice Cube made back on May  31st.  When talking about the Drake vs. Pusha T. beef, Cube said that  rappers “only have 3 years at the top of the game.” And blogs ran with  the narrative that Cube said “Drake’s reign is over.”

Drake is saying that he’s been on the top for 3 sets of 3years= 9years total…

Listen to “Ice Cube Live From T-Mobile Store” by KMEL-FM (KMEL-FM) via #spreaker