According to a report, the NYPD was recently given the go-ahead by the Department of Justice to begin an internal investigation against two cops involved in the Eric Garner murder.

In 2014, a police officer applied a fatal chokehold on Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who police suspected was illegally selling cigarettes. The murder of Garner was caught on tape and caused an issue when no justice was served for clear excessive force put on by the officers involved. After the incident, Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who choked Garner to death, was put on desk duty.

Now, Pantaleo is facing being fired from the police force overall after the NYPD gave the DOJ an ultimatum that noted they did not want to wait any longer for a federal civil rights investigation to conclude. Since the incident, the police has banned officers from using chokeholds on any suspects.

The labor union Pantaleo is a part of—the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association issued a statement saying “We hope that the NYPD’s eagerness to start the disciplinary process does not mean the outcome has already been decided, without even the pretense of due process.”