Xzibit took to Instagram with a warning to his followers about paying your taxes after he paid off his $233,810 debt.

He began by writing, “This is by no means a ‘floss’ this is a cautionary message to all my fellow entertainers and entrepreneurs, PAY YOUR TAXES!! I made the mistake of trusting people with my financial responsibilities and ended up f***ed. People love to spread false and inaccurate information in this day and age, and I suffered for almost a damn decade getting all of this back in order.”

Xzibit added, “Stop buying S*** you don’t need, take care of your future and family. If you can’t buy it 3 times…guess what? You can’t afford to buy it once. I wiped all of my debt out and it feels like I’ve had a 300 LB gorilla off my back. No one will take care of your business better than YOU! For those who were celebrating my down time, pls, #keepthatsameenergy and let’s see if all you people in the same place I was, can come out the other side, in tact.”

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