Swizz Beatz Album – Poison

Swizz Beats drops Dope compilation 11/01/2018

Swizz Beats Drops new compilation album featuring a variety of Artists. The 10 track album features new songs from Nas, Pusha T and even an unlikely but refreshing collab with The LOX and Kendrick Lamar!

On 11/1/2018 Swizz Beatz dropped a new compilation that is a very good listen.

Come Again – Swizz Beatz ft Giggs.

Echo- Swizz Beats ft Nas

Cold Blooded – Swizz Beatz ft Pusha T

These 3 songs are the first stand out songs on the project. Nas and Pusha T in rare form with their storytelling. Giggs sounding relaxed on the production that fits him perfectly.

Something Dirty/Pic Got us Swizz Beatz ft The Lox and Kendrick Lamar

This was a surprise pose cut. It stands out first off because is simple a collaboration that I would have never thought about but works out to become a definite hit! Everyone is in rare form on this cut.

I just wanted Hip Hop to remain a culture


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