So tell me, who thought something else was gonna happen? This is the Brand that Juvie has been the ambassador for for decades. In his region, noone would be surprised. But for those who don’t study Corporate Hip-Hop, this would definitely be a shock.

Those who grew up on the music by the Artists that were hired for this community concert, knew from the initial marketing of this concert, that this lineup was not “family oriented”.

The response is of no surprise. It shows how people associate the “recognition” of the name of an artist but don’t take time to study the art they create. And when corporate hip hop is hired for a community concert, this is always the outcome.

Poor planning on behalf of the organization who set up the concert. A simple Google search would have been all that it took to avoid this situation.

Maybe next year, if they don’t use this incident as a reason, once again, to hate on the actual Hip Hop culture.

They could have sought after artists such as Goodie Mob, De la Soul, Pharaoh Monch, etc, just to name a few more artists who have name recognition and positive content.

Well, Maybe Next year.

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