Black Columnist Who Argued Against Reparations At Congressional Hearing Released An Album Called ‘My Dick Works Fine!’


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    Prior to that, he released the EP i am a pussy.

    On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, held its first hearing on the topic of reparations since 2007. There were those that spoke favorably for reparations including Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover, as well as those who oppose it.


    Author and Quilette columnist Coleman Hughes, who is anti-reparations, spoke on the topic during the hearing and referred to it as a “moral and political mistake,” according to the Guardian.

    “Black people don’t need another apology. We need safer neighborhoods and better schools. We need a less punitive criminal justice system. We need affordable health care. And none of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery,” he said.

    “Reparations by definition are only given to victims, so the moment you give me reparations, you’ve made me into a victim without my consent. Not just that, you’ve made 1/3 of black Americans who poll against reparations into victims without their consent, and black Americans have fought too long for the right to define themselves to be spoken for in such a condescending manner,” he said elsewhere during his speech.

    Following his appearance at the hearing, Hughes’ SoundCloud surfaced on social media.

    Franklin Leonard


    So the undergraduate philosophy student who pulled a “Merriam Websters defines reparations as” in an attempt to argue against reparations in front of Congress…


    Here’s his track “My Dick Works Fine!” by @coldxman (ht @lefthandstu)

    Under his rap moniker Coldman, Hughes has released a few projects, with his latest being 2017’s My Dick Works Just Fine! He also released an EP titled i am a pussy in 2016.

    After his SoundCloud appeared on social media, Hughes proceeded to share his My Dick Works Just Fine! project on his own Twitter account.

    “For those of you googling (sorry, ‘unearthing’) my publicly-available rap music, I’ll make it easier. My personal favs are ‘Hey,’ ‘Fake,’ & ‘New Sneakers,’ but they’re all gold imho. Enjoy!” he tweeted.