At one point in the visual, people sit silently with their eyes closed as they meditate, a rarity in Hip Hop videos. But stic had a very specific vision he wanted to execute, and once Period and M-1 heard about it, they were all in.“I was having a conversation with J. Period,” stic explains to HipHopDX. “When he told me the first initial idea of the video, I understood it was set in kind of a destitute warehouse like something in The Hunger Games. Here I am, 45 years old and 16 years ago, it was let’s tear everything down.“I know to a certain extent that’s what my earlier music represents, but I’ve learned. I’ve become a running coach, martial artist and meditator, and I understand that missing piece. So, we’re targeting the new generation and taking that message moving forward.”

Source: Bigger Than Hip Hop: How dead prez Is Improving The World | HipHopDX