Both E-40 and Scarface have over sixty years in Hip-Hop, they’ve been in the same circles as Tupac, Spice 1 and Rap-A-Lot founder, J. Prince, however, they’ve never been on a song together, but that’s about to change.
E-40 spoke with Scarface while promoting his Sluricane pre-mixed cocktail in Houston and posed a simple question to the Geto Boyz frontman,

“What we gonna do? We pot’nas and everything; it’s nothing but love, but we ain’t done a record together. What’s wrong with us?”

Both Hip-Hop heavyweights got into the studio and after testing the waters by doing a song, they quickly decided they needed to do more. E-40 confirmed in a recent interview,

“We’re doing an EP. Me and Scarface are doing an EP; it’s official. Matter of fact—he said album. ‘Cause I said EP; he said ‘No, Earl. Let’s do an album.‘ I said, ‘It’s official. Let’s do it.’”