This week, Killer Mike appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher to give his take on some of the most pressing socio-political issues right now.

The Run the Jewels rapper and activist shared his take on Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL.JAY-Z is facing backlash over the deal — or as Maher described it: “The media is on JAY-Z like Beyoncé’s sister in an elevator.”

Many believe the partnership undermines ostracised quarterback, Colin Kaepernick’s social justice efforts.

On Real Time With Bill Maher, Killer Mike discussed the deal from a different vantage point, arguing that JAY’s endeavor is a major move for the African-American community.“JAY-Z is one of us that made it out the streets, made it in the rooms, and he did what he could when he should,” Mike stated, citing the many times JAY-Z took a stand for the black community, such as boycotting the Grammy’s for six years. “JAY-Z’s play, I believe, not only gives us a seat at the table,” he explained, “It doesn’t destroy what Kap knelt for.

”And what does the future of the deal hold? Killer Mike believes that “if JAY becomes a team owner, Kap gets a try out.”Killer Mike also discussed gun laws and policing with Bill Maher. Watch the full clip above.

Source: Killer Mike Shares His Support for Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership