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May the Lord Watch is coming very, very, very soon.

Little Brother member Phonte took to Twitter to share the cover art, release date and title for the rap group’s forthcoming new album.

Details about the project have been under wraps up until this point, with Phonte only saying that Little Brother had new music on the way. On Monday morning, Phonte took to Instagram and Twitter to share new details about Little Brother’s new album, which is titled May the Lord Watch.

View this post on Instagram Little Brother. May The Lord Watch. Midnight. #LBbizness #MTLW : @toinejameson A post shared by Phonte Coleman (@phontigallo) on Aug 19, 2019 at 7:16am PDTThe album art shows Phonte and Big Pooh sitting on a couch, with Phonte looking ahead while Big Pooh looks to the side.

Little Brother. May The Lord Watch. Midnight. #LBbizness #MTLW — Phonte (@phontigallo) August 19, 2019“Little Brother. May The Lord Watch. Midnight,” the post is captioned with. That’s right — the new album is coming tonight.

The album’s unexpected announcement comes shortly after Phonte resurrected UBN, the fictional TV network introduced in Little Brother‘s second album The Minstrel Show, to tease the rap group’s return.

UBN (U Black Niggas Network) was a concept introduced in The Minstrel Show and served as a satire of stereotypical programs and advertisements for black people. The album served as the follow-up to Little Brother’s debut album, The Listening.

Little Brother’s last official album was Leftback in 2010.

Source: Little Brother Shares Cover Art, Release Date & Title For New Album – Okayplayer