You really about that life or you just hashtaggin’?

What an eventful week for Little Brother fans.The legendary group reunited and released their first album since 2010. The album has been getting almost universally praised.

Now they are back with their first new video in years. It’s for the standout track “Black Magic (Make it Better). The video was directed by Jamund Washington and features the duo roaming around Durham’s Black Wall Street district.

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Complex premiered the video. Speaking about the video, Pooh told Complex:

We wrote “Black Magic (Make It Better)” to inspire…No matter your personal struggle or where you are starting from in life, waking up gives you another shot at being better than you were the day before. We wanted a visual that felt organic and represented us and showed love to the city that birthed Little Brother, Durham NC.

Phonte also said that “Black Magic (Make it Better)” was the first video Little Brother ever shot in Durham, which is pretty crazy.

Check out the video below.


Source: Watch Little Brother Return to Durham, North Carolina in the “Black Magic (Make It Better)” Video – Okayplayer