One of the main things that people are not taught as they’re growing up is about how to look at your diet so that as you eat you are eating to live.

Most people simply eat because they have a basic feeling of being hungry. But eating, like everything else, can be measured and it can have a positive impact or a negative impact on your overall life.

So basically learning how to eat how to create a diet and the proper way of how to measure your food along with how to measure how your body processes the food. Along with the knowledge of nutrients and what they’re doing to your body.
This additional perspective will prolong your life immensely. But for those people who just simply eat from one basic concept of ” I feel hungry”, in most cases they normally end up with an unhealthy diet and a shortened life span.

This particular video here is basically the gentleman showing a great formula of how to calculate certain aspects of your diet so that you know how your body is burning the fuel that you’re providing and how to measure the food intake that you’re taking in. And if you have an intention of losing weight or in some cases gaining weight, this is something critical increasing your success. -Massadonking