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Legendary comedian Cedric the Entertainer weighed in on comedy in 2019 and jokingly mocked his peers Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart about their run-ins with “cancel culture.”

“I think it’s perfect for them,” Cedric said Friday on BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM about whether the criticism his fellow comedians have received in recent years was just.

“You should condemn them and let me be number one.”

“Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart, damn you,” said the comedian, who is currently doing press for the upcoming second season of his CBS sitcom The Neighborhood.

The comedian did, however, make a serious effort to comment on comedy in 2019. Cedric said he has a problem “when someone goes back to things that you said that could’ve been acceptable” in a different time, comparing Dave Chappelle’s recent standup — which has been criticized for being tone-deaf on LGBTQ issues — to early work from Eddie Murphy.

Murphy told anti-gay jokes in his specials from the ’80s and later apologized for his words in the ’90s. Hart came under fire when anti-gay tweets from his past resurfaced and he chose to step down as Oscars host after receiving backlash.

“The culture was different,” Cedric said. “So if you’re charging people for what they did or wrote and kinda said back in a different time, it’s a little hard.”

Cedric’s take comes just days after Shane Gillis was fired from Saturday Night Live for making racist comments about Asian people.