Black Thought Will Lead Carnegie Hall’s First-Ever Hip-Hop Master Class

  • Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of Sneakshot for Okayplayer

    The class is a three-day workshop for rising and professional MCs ages 18–35.

    Black Thought will be hosting Carnegie Hall’s first-ever hip-hop master class.

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    The Roots MC will lead a three-day workshop for rising and professional MCs ages 18–35 that will end with a showcase featuring those that participated.

    A summary of the workshop from Carnegie Hall is as follows:

    Over the course of the workshop, participants will explore the history of hip-hop and examine the technical skills employed by the genre. Invited MCs should come prepared to workshop their music, focusing on lyricism, flow, style, and delivery. Black Thought will equip participants with tangible exercises to improve their overall artistry. This exploration will give participants the opportunity to hone their technical abilities and continue to craft their individual sounds. The workshop will also provide participants with invaluable insight into Black Thought’s outstanding career of more than two decades, as well as opportunities to reflect on how one can achieve and sustain excellence as an artist.

    The application to apply for the master class is free (participants are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the workshop though) and will happen on February 3, 4, and 5 of next year. The application is available here.

    Black Thought is considered one of the best MCs by rap fans and fellow rappers alike. Styles P referred to him as the “ultimate jedi” in an interview that came out earlier this year.

    “Black Thought is the ultimate Jedi. He’s dangerous. I’m talkin’ about bars — just raw. He’s born-bars. Like, I’m born-bars…I’m a bar machine…his content and where he goes is just so far out there that you have to be so smart [to appreciate it]; I think the average person may not even understand what they’re hearing when they hear him,” Styles P said. “Black Thought’s rapping seems] so effortless. That’s what makes him so dangerous.”