Life is too short to listen to bad music. So…let Ambrosia For Heads fight through it for you and only supply you with that great stuff. Despite the reports, Hip-Hop is alive and well and, in many ways, is better than its ever been. Not only are we able to go back and listen to all of our favorites, at the click of a button, there is also a ton of great music still being made by artists, young and veteran alike…if you know where to look. To help with that task, we’ve created a playlist with recent music—songs that have been released within the last year or so. We update it regularly, so, if you like what you hear, subscribe to follow us on Spotify.

Following last week’s “Same Ol’ Sh*t” drop, Reason is ramping up. The Top Dawg Entertainment MC followed with one of the biggest songs to date for the city of Carson, California. The area is home to TDE’s studios, Reason, as well as label veteran Ab-Soul. After more than a year of anticipation, the two MCs unite on “Flick It Up.”

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Reason kicks things off with an inventive flow. “Ni**as talk sh*t, no comment / Ni**as ain’t did half the sh*t they rappin’ ’bout, ni**a, you ain’t caught no bodies / You ain’t never sold no drugs, ni**a, you ain’t never popped no molly / You ain’t never—wait / If I really said everything ni**as ain’t did / I would be ain’t-sh*t / And you ni**as ain’t sh*t!” he warns.

Source: Reason & Ab-Soul – Flick It Up Audio Playlist