Little Brother also talk about how they went through 500 beats for May the Lord Watch.

Little Brother isn’t just stopping with May the Lord Watch. The duo says that they have more stuff in the works following their return with their first album in almost 10 years.

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Speaking with Real 92.3 LA’s Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed, Phonte and Big Pooh are asked if there’s anymore music planned following their return with May the Lord Watch.

“It’s more stuff coming, it’s more records coming,” Phonte said.

“We set a plan, we set a foundation, we got back on course, and we got an idea of what we want to do now,” Pooh added. “Now, that don’t mean you about to get a new Little Brother album every six months…we just have a plan, we have a course of action.”

“More music is coming,” Phonte said following Pooh’s response.

Elsewhere in the interview, the pair talked about going through 500 beats for May the Lord Watch.

“We went through, easily…500 beats,” Phonte said.

From there, Pooh said that the pair faced some missteps before explicitly clarifying that the missteps were beats 9th Wonder had done for them.

“We did a few [songs with 9th] but it was one in particular where I was like, ‘I don’t like this s**t.’ I didn’t like the song at all. I tried it and I had that breaking point like, ‘I’m not compromising,’” Pooh said.

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