Now before we start, we must first acknowledge the fact that the “monkey” tag used on Black people by other races of this world, is derogatory and inhumane.

Now before we start, we must first acknowledge the fact that the “monkey” tag used on Black people by other races of this world, is derogatory and inhumane. Maybe that is why we sense that the use of Apes (monkeys) in the movie, and their revolt against oppression, subliminally indicate the awakening and near revolt going on in Africa and among Black people today.

Maybe someone is saying something – passing a hidden message to someone else or to Black people. We might be wrong. But we believe our observation and analysis of the storyline and plot, points to a Black revolution that is coming. Revolutions are first done mentally, before physically if there is a need for violence.

The movie is one that is captivating and filled with emotional moments and moments of heroism. To the average human, it is just another great movie, but to those who see beyond the physical, it means a whole lot. But they keep it to themselves for fear of sounding like mad people and being laughed at.

There are a few points and turns in the movie that will help us drive our point home. As you read further, you will understand better. This article does not in any way mean Africans are to be likened to Apes. No. This article is just trying to dig up hidden messages from uncommon scenarios.

Caesar’s Mother was Stolen from Africa With Other Apes – The Raiding of African Villages and Taking Of Slaves:

In the movie, local militia (Ape hunters) who were under the payroll of American scientists and scientific cooperation, attack the Apes in the jungle and kidnap many of them. Cage them up and hand them over to their American Masters.

These same actions, and even worse, were carried out against Africans for hundreds of years by slave hunters and traders, who raided the village, kidnapped Africans, put them on ships and took them to America, Europe and other parts of the world.

Slavery was for one specific goal and that was to use the African to better the lives of the Americans and Europeans. This is because enslaved Africans built the whole of America – from prestigious universities to industries and cities. In the movie, the scientists used the Apes in testing drugs that would better their lives – same purpose, similar stories.

The Apes Were Put in Cages in America And Used for Experiments – 400 Years of Slavery In America:

The Apes, taken against their will are locked up and experimented upon, for many years. Many of them produced offsprings in captivity, just like Caesar’s mother. Many of them were killed, just like Caesar’s mother. Their offspring grew up with bitterness and anger about the whole experience.

The Experiments carried out on the Apes can be mirrored and found in the numerous experiments which European and American scientists used the body of both living and dead Africans for throughout the course of slavery and beyond. A little research on google will show how much the research on Africans contributed to modern medicine. Follow these links to see a few posts on the experiments carried out on African slaves in America: How body parts of slaves were sold for experiments & How Reproductive system of Blacks was forcefully removed.

The Use of Brain Enhancements On The Apes, Which Backfired – The Teaching of English And Religion To The Slaves Which Made Them More Fierce And Awake:

The scientists in the movie wanted to create drugs that could enhance human brain activity, but first, they tested it on the Apes. The introduction of those drugs to some of the Apes, made them understand the ways, wickedness, and trickery of the Scientists and made them know how to revolt.

But all of that could not have happened without Caesar himself being courageous and demanding to lead the other apes to freedom. Caesar here represents the many civil rights movements and fighters such as Martin Luther, Malcolm X, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and their many counterparts in Africa who fought for African independence in the 1800s and 1900s.

Most of those who fought for the freedom of the Black man, both home and abroad, were trained in the white man’s ways. Most of the were trained to be used by Europeans and Americans for an indirect rule in Africa. But their training backfired on their captors/masters as they used the training to access more knowledge about the world, and form a unifying front against the enemy.

The White Couple Who Brought Caesar Up – The White People Who Have Not Enslaved and Brutalized Black People:

After Caesar was born, his mother was killed in the facility where she was being experimented on. One of the scientists who had some sympathy took him home and brought him up. Later he would be forced to take him to a facility for Apes for him to be taken care of. But they ended up maltreating him.

From the inception of slavery and Caucasian subjugation of the black man, there have always been a few white people who had no hate in their hearts towards the Black man. But because they are not in the majority, their acts and deeds are often suppressed by those of the oppressors and killers.

They might have tried to save a few Black people from slavery, and helped them in running away from harsh plantations, but their deeds were not enough.

The Scientist and his wife were kind-hearted, but they didn’t do enough to save Caesar or the other apes from the harsh reality of their slavery and imprisonment. Who could blame them? The bad outnumber the good.

The Black Man Who Was the Owner Of The Scientific Cooperation – A Few Black People Who Have Sold Their People Out:

No one needs to explain to the average black man how there has always been sell-outs, uncle toms, house niggas, thieving African politicians, and many more types of Black people who benefit from the suffering of their people.

The Black owner of the cooperation should have felt some remorse about the treatment of the Apes. This is because Apes are brought from Africa – they are a part of the natural habitat of his home. And if they continued to steal them, soon there will be no more Apes in Africa. But he didn’t care. He cared about money and serving his white colleague, business partners, and masters.

So also, for hundreds of years, there has always been Black men who would betray their people for a penny, in the hands of the Caucasian. So, the movie passed this subliminal message with great importance, as they made him very powerful.

That power and control he had points back to African leaders who would do anything to kill, oppress and sell the collective will and rights of the people.

The Final Rise and Revolt by The Apes – The New Awakening of Black People Worldwide:

The rise and revolt of the apes, led by Caesar, was not anticipated by their captors. Even though a few had a hint of the increased stubbornness of the Apes, the majority of the people did not expect a legion of apes to have so much coordination and attack the city.

Caesar and the other apes rose and took their fate into their hands. There is a time for everything on the face of the earth. And it was time for them to be free. The movie makers did a good job in stressing the anger of the apes and the reason why they had to be free.

There is no doubting that a revolution of Blacks in underway. All over the world, on social media and in the many communities, we see a rise in consciousness and self-awareness of Africans and Black people in general. It feels like a prophecy is being fulfilled, and not even the oppressor can stop it.

Africans are beginning to drop foreign religions and ideologies and are fast returning to the old ways of their ancestors. This wave of consciousness has been sensed by many in the “oppressive Caucasian world”, and it has increased the racism and oppression of Black people all over.

But we believe that Africa’s time for freedom has come. The seed of mental revolution we are planting will ensure the freedom of our people in many years to come. It might not happen so fast, but it will happen nonetheless. The revolution is here – the handwriting is on the wall. Let those who have eyes see them. Maybe the owners of the movie “Planet of the Apes” saw the handwriting, and have sent out a coded signal to the world.


We want to state clearly again that we do not liken Africans to Apes. Hell no. We don’t – we can’t do that to ourselves, knowing how that classification has been used against us for centuries. We are only trying to pick the brains of our people, to remove the Apes in the picture of the movie and put the Black man. When we do, we will find that we are under the same kind of scenario as Black people, and time has come for us to rise and take our freedom into our hands.

Source: How the Movie “Planet of The Apes” Annoyingly Prophecy Black Awakening & Revolt [Subliminal]