Early last year, Charlotte, North Carolina MC Deniro Farrar released his most recent EP, Re-Up, his first since 2017’s Mind Of A Gemini II. Next month, Farrar will debut the release of his ninth EP, Sole Food.
In anticipation, Deniro has linked up with fellow North Carolina reps
Lute and ElevatorJay for visuals to his earnest single, “Gon’ Be.”

by Kosmic Shots, the video opens with Farrar rapping in his living room
as his unsatisfied partner unsympathetically exclaims her wishes for
him to “get a f*ckin’ job.” Despite his retort that Rap is a real
career, Farrar leaves his girlfriend and microphone, post haste. With
Lars Viola’s soulful instrumental en tow, Deniro opens the track with a
guttural chorus. Then, the former Black Flag artist opens up, rapping
charismatically about his struggles with record labels, money, and the

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Farrar divulges, “But I just keep truckin it / I done fell in
love with it / Pistol out, safety, play with me and I’m bussin’ it /
Burned so many times now I’m strugglin’ to trust / These b*tches wanna
f*ck now I’m strugglin’ with lust / Askin’ God if there’s a Heaven for a
ni**a like us / Or better yet me / But I don’t wanna die just to see /
Couple ni**as changed up that was riding with me / Peeped everything, I
might not say nothin’, but I see / Four years straight, I was signed to a
major / That ain’t do sh*t for me / The lessons I learned later / Made
me even greater / Hustle harder and I’m grateful / Won’t nobody give you
sh*t and strings come with the favors / Millie on the crib and it came
with no neighbors / Me, my sons, and my guns, and a whole ‘lotta acres /
Nights on the block serve fiends like a waiter / Taking orders on the
phone for ni**as that want it catered / Root to all evil is the money,
get your evil up / Cold ass world, that’s why I’m riding with my heater

Lute follows, rapping passionately about his journey in the game. The Dreamville artist spits, “Ni**as
judge me but don’t know the half / Ni**as count me out but can’t do the
math / Pull up on the West side they like, ‘You the man.’ / I’m like,
‘Nah, I just had a plan’ / Wouldn’t be a real ni**a if I didn’t like to
see my ni**as win / Couple ni**as got the city on 10 / Much respect,
don’t let the hate reflect the ni**a within / I’m still learnin, my
wheels still turnin’ / Foot on the gas, I ain’t / Worried bout the sh*t
in my past / The people I passed / My only concern is will it outlast /
Pay me in cash / Free me at last / The whip never crashed / Cause I’m in
control / Can’t f*ck with the flow / I’m hot like a stove / The miles
that I drove / Got further to go / The sh*t that I wrote / Came straight
from the soul / I’m fully exposed / I rose from the cracks / Rapping is
wack / Don’t fall for the trap / Or the pat on the back / ‘Cause ni**as
be cap / F*ck all my stats.

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Deniro Farrar’s Sole Food, releases this coming February. 2017’s Mind Of A Gemini II featured Denzel Curry. Managed by Little Brother’s Rapper Big Pooh, Lute is prominently featured on Dreamville’s Grammy-nominated Revenge Of The Dreamers III. Elevator Jay was featured on Lute’s stellar West 1996, Pt. 2 album on the ‘Ville from 2017.