A jury of 12 men and women has convicted former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein guilty on two of the five potential criminal charges he faced in his New York County trial.

Weinstein has been convicted of criminal sexual assault in the first degree, based on the testimony of former Project Runway production assistant Miriam Haley, and rape in the third degree, based on the testimony of one-time aspiring actress Jessica Mann.

The verdict was announced on Monday after the jury of seven men and five women spent five days deliberating on his fate.

He was remanded into custody against the protests of his lawyers, who cited his health.

Weinstein will be sentenced on March 11. He’s facing five to 25 years for the criminal sexual assault conviction and 18 months to four years for the third-degree rape conviction.

The Weinstein jury was called in and dismissed shortly after 12 p.m. on Monday.

Judge James Burke thanked the jury for their service. “Thank you for the care and concentration, concern and attention you have given to your deliberations,” he said. “You are now dismissed. You may leave the court room.”

On Friday afternoon, the jury appeared to suggest that they were deadlocked on the two most serious charges Weinstein is facing, predatory sexual assault, but possibly unanimous on the three lesser charges (criminal sex act, first-degree rape, third-degree rape).

In New York State, a person can be convicted of predatory sexual assault when a jury has determined that the person committed a first degree rape, criminal sexual act or aggravated sexual abuse against more than one other person.

While Weinstein’s lawyers said on Friday they would accept a partial verdict, the lead prosecutor said she would not, and Judge James Burke told the jury to “continue your deliberations.”

The verdict is the capstone to a lengthy, highly charged and emotional trial that began on Jan. 6 and included the testimony of six women who said — under oath — that Weinstein had sexually assaulted them over the last three decades.

Weinstein also faces four charges in Los Angeles County.

Over the last few weeks, Weinstein has appeared to grow more visually confident in his chances of acquittal, though he has grown mum during the deliberation process, refusing to answer questions posed by journalists in the hallway of the court house.

While limited, his New York County conviction marks a victory for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who has faced criticism for not indicting Weinstein sooner, and for lead prosecutor Joan Illuzzi.

Source: Harvey Weinstein Verdict: Guilty on Two Charges | Hollywood Reporter