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18 Beautiful Black Women With Enviable Lips – Essence


Today is National Lip Appreciation Day, and it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate the ladies with pouts we adore.

Photo: Instagram/itsmejillmarie

Lips are a big deal. The fact that there’s a day dedicated to showing our lips love only proves it. That day happens to be today, National Lip Appreciation Day. And while the holiday isn’t exactly grounds to throw a big party or to take the day off, it is a reason to celebrate the beauty of being a Black woman with a luscious kisser.

Our lips are a distinct part of our facial features that set us apart, and in a world of assimilation, where lip filler is sorely king, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the women in the gallery below, who have naturally full lips we adore–because a lip kit could never.



Source: 18 Beautiful Black Women With Enviable Lips – Essence

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