RZA has handed over stewardship of Wu-Tang Clan’s next album to Ghostface Killah, whose ear for beats has fans excited about the LP’s potential direction. While Wu-Tang’s own Masta Killa recognizes the enthusiasm for this Ironman-led project, he thinks the album shouldn’t — or perhaps can’t — be the legendary group’s last LP.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Masta Killa discussed Ghostface taking on a leadership role for the proper follow-up to 2014’s A Better Tomorrow. The thoughtful lyricist expressed confidence in Ghost being the orchestrator but explained why he wants RZA in charge of Wu-Tang’s eventual swan song.

“I’m going to tell you really and truthfully how I see it,” he told DX. “It doesn’t matter who does the Wu-Tang Clan album, but RZA has to do the last one because RZA’s The Abbot. I trust his judgment, his ear for music.”

He continued, “See, one thing that people have to understand is that in the beginning, a lot of those beats and a lot of those creative thoughts of energy was brought about because we were together more than ever. So, if someone wasn’t as pleased with the production side of things, well, we can’t just point the finger at one person. We all have to take credibility in that because we might not have been in the chamber as much as we once were to influence that direction.”