KevonStage goes in on the renting vs Homeownership!! He was not holding any punches! He broke down missing aspects of qualifying for a mortgage, making the down payment and other expenses associated with paying your mortgage.

Although I enjoyed the video, I will have to say that he missed some marks in his breakdown. With programs offered with such non-profits like, there are more options that are available for potential homeowners with the program

NACA’s Best in America Mortgage

  • One mortgage product
  • No down payment, closing costs or fees
  • Below market fixed-rate with option to buy-down to nearly 0%
  • Perfect credit, high income or savings are not required
  • Everyone gets the same terms:

Property Type

Single or Multi-Family owner-occupied principal residences, including units in Condos, Co-Ops, or Mixed-Use buildings. Properties may be existing homes, new construction or homes in need of renovation

Down Payment

None Required

Closing Costs

None – Lender pays

Term and Interest Rate

Below-Market Fixed Rates
30-year term: 3.125% APR or 15-year term: 2.375% APR
(APR subject to change and may not be available at lock-in or commitment)

Buy Down

Funds to Permanently Reduce Interest Rate
One percent of mortgage amount reduces the interest rate by one quarter of a percent (.25%) for 30 year mortgages and by half a percent (.50%) for 15 year mortgages. This is a tremendous added benefit.

Application Fee


Points and Fees


Credit History

Perfect Credit Not Required
Member’s personal payment history evaluated without consideration of his/her credit score.

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

None – As a NACA Member you do not pay private mortgage insurance (PMI) which only protects the lender. You have access to NACA’s comprehensive post-purchase program through the Membership Assistance Program (MAP), free of charge for as long as you have your NACA mortgage.

This program is essental in helping those who are noramlyy shut out of homeownership find a new tool to help them achieve their dreams.

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