Hometown Hero shows support in the Ville

J. Cole returned to show support for protests being held in Fayetteville, NC for the victim of police brutality. The protest was in response to the murder of George Floyd.

The artist is orginally from the Ville and now a multi-platnium selling Hip Hop Icon who focused his music on the people and they ills of society.

The Protest was held in Fayetteville, NC on May 30, 2020 at the old Market house, which is the center of racial tension being the place where slaves were sold.

The protest begin at 3 p.m. at the Walmart on Skibo road. The even was organised by Rakeem Jones who made headlines back in 2016 when he was punched in the face at a Trump rally.

The Mayor Mitch Colvin also attend the rally Saturday to show his support for the community of citizens who stand against police brutality.

Also in attendance was George Floyd’s sister, who Michael Strahan who is a host at Good Morning America.

Bridgett Floyd stated that she had a hard time processing the events that were taking place. She said that ” We were told that a police officer had his knee kneeled into our brothers neck while he was handcuffed to the ground.

She also stated that she had not seen the video but all this could seein her mind was that the officer was putting all his might into her brothers neck to the point where he could not breath.

George died from the injuries that he recieved from the encounter.

The white Minneapolis police officer who has been charged with the murder is Officer Derek Chauvin.
The has since been charged with murder for the death of Mr. Floyd and has been arrested.

It was later discouvered that the victim and the accused both worked together at the same Latin Night night club. The former owner is unsure if the two knew each other.

Although it has been reported that Chauvin became aggressive when events that were being hosted attracted a mainly black clientele, responding to fights by using his mace and spraying the crown . which she discribed as “overkill”.

instead of apprehending the people accused of fighting, he would call back up and then there would be five or six squad cars.”

This murder has inspired protests across the globe and has lead to the distruction of the Minnesota police department which as since been burned down by angry protesters. It also has lead to many businesses being vandelised.


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