The phrase “road less traveled” has taken on metaphorical meaning. It means to dare to think differently and to carve your own path.  Going down dark pathways in pursuit of a guiding light and getting out of your comfort zone to face the unknown with unflinching faith. The road less traveled is sometimes bristling with barricades bumps and uncharted terrain. But it is on that road where your character is truly tested, and that begins the path to greatness.  

Big Head Bandz life story is not for the light-hearted.  The future of most young black males often ends before it begins.  Balancing street life economics and the world of legitimacy is a life or death mission every day on the block.  The passion for music fuels dreams beyond poverty, crime, faithless vision, and single-parent households.  Music has always been a necessary bridge in the life of Big Head Bandz.  

Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC, is the parent company that houses the future success of Big Head Bandz musical destiny.  Big Head Bandz latest music release, “Berry Gordy,” represents scenes from his life story like a Hollywood movie.  His ability to convert visions into beautiful poetry creates the perfect anthem for Hip-Hop Millennials.  

Berry Gordy” is a rare jewel for commercial radio.  “Berry Gordy” encompasses a classic soul vibe of Motown infused with modern-day Millennial Hip-Hop.  Born and raised in the streets of Ohio, Big Head Bandz track “Berry Gordy” represents the soundtrack to every go-getter in the game of life.

Check out the Big Boy Rap verses: 

I’m the innovator& creator of a new slang

Slick with the wordplay/ money ain’t a thang like I’m Hov and Jermaine in a whole other lane.

Big Head Bandz restores hope in the future of Millennial Hip-Hop music and understands the road of destiny is less traveled.