Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Tom Blvck’s mind is overloaded with stress, music, lyrics, street dreams, and animal ambition over the past couple of months.  The pressure of running, managing, and monetizing his newly formed music empire has a high price.  Tom Blvck is a college-educated music hustler and believes his moment of greatness is forthcoming in 2020. 

Tom Blvck hit major crossroads in 2019 and faced life-changing decisions regarding his music career. The self-investing business model in music often interferes with personal life choices, which causes internal and external conflict with people inside your circle.  Tom Blvck took a self-audit of his passion and faith in music and refocused. 

Boasting a back catalog of 100+ songs, Tom Blvck discovered the sound and mass appeal he wanted to project going into 2020 and beyond.  Tom Blvck possesses a relentless pursuit of opulence, and lavish living fuels the “TOPFLOOR” sound.  Every track from the “TOPFLOOR” music vault reflects a raw hustler energy that every new age millennial Hip-Hop artist strives for every day. 

The latest music release “RUN IT UP” captures the spirit of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” and vibe of 50 Cent’s “In The Club,” which creates the perfect Millennial Club Anthem.  Tom Blvck blares “RUN IT UP” loud throughout the studio for media members and music executives.  Tom Blvck is entirely sober at this moment taking sips from his Aquahydrate water bottle and smiles gently as every human head in the building nods in approval of “RUN IT UP.”

Tom Blvck understands there are zero guarantees in the music business, and all chips stay pushed to the middle of the poker table.  However, now his focus is a music legacy fueled by an unparalleled passion for winning at all costs.  Greatness has a high price, and to become legendary on the streets of New York City requires an unwavering belief in oneself. 

Check out Run It Up below.