The Ugly Boys are a hip-hop trio from Santa Cruz, California. Their abbreviated but varied discography ranges from rapid-fire flows to ’60s influenced psychedelia. Ask them why they are called The Ugly Boys and they will tell you that they are ugly on the inside. Band members Jacob Pfef, Sam Bortnick and Quinn Cury share an energetic, creative flow that incorporates a marriage of self-reflective lyricism and a subtle melodic sense, punctuated by an ever-present sharp wit.

The Ugly Boys have a unique talent, they seem to be able to make a song out of anything. Examples can be seen on their Instagram and Tik Tok page. They made a song in a car, using only the sounds that a car make. After producing the beat, they both just rapped about cars while driving in a car. Another example is the group managed to make a song out of Micky Mouse Club House theme song. The making of that song on Tik Tok gained over 800k views. These group of guys are just ultra creative and always find new ways to make songs.

The Ugly Boys’ debut album, “Game of Chance,” represents a blend of songwriting, rapping, and singing by artists Jacob Pfeffermann, Sam Bortnick, and Quinn Cury. With beats and production by Pfef, written and performed by Bortnick, Pfef, and Cury, “Game of Chance” stubbornly refuses categorization. Think BROCK HAMPTON meets The Weeknd for a 60’s acid rock festival experience.