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The two spoke at length about faith, creativity, and COVID-19.

Pharrell Williams and Kanye West recently had a conversation for i-D‘s Faith in Chaos issue. The interview, which went live on Wednesday, features the two music and fashion moguls having an unscripted, uninterrupted conversation. As always, their words provided comfort in these trying times.

Along the way, the two discussed their current inspirations, how their lives have been impacted by COVID-19, and more. Kanye stressed the importance of creating a space for your inner self to preserve a spiritual drive.

“Sometimes you gotta turn the phone off,” he said. “And just go to Hawaii for nine months. Or move everything to Wyoming and find that answer. Time moves differently here in Wyoming. It’s a different stream of consciousness.”

The conversation soon turned to COVID-19. Pharrell stressed the fact that post-quarantine, the world won’t simply return to the old way of life. However, he remained optimistic about life after the global pandemic.

“We have been through many plagues,” he assured. “We survived. We’re gonna make it. In a lot of ways, we got ourselves into this, we gotta get to work to get through it.”

Kanye purported that this period is a chance to change humanity as a whole. “We need to change our mentality,” he said. “Readjust our mindset and use that readjusted mindset to change the world. The only thing that can change the world is people changing.”

Subsequently, Ye asked the hard-hitting questions the world wants to hear. “We have this time to pause and reflect. To ask each other what we’re really feeling. What am I feeling? What are you feeling. And then we need to ask what we’re thinking, and the deepest level is knowing. That gut feeling.”

Ever the optimistic, Pharrell concludes that this day and age offers new perspective, for artists and otherwise.

“We’re in a place where we are aware now,” he said. “You know, when you’re driving home it’s three or four in the morning and you are tired, and you drive, and you swerve real quick, and your friend or whoever is like, “Yo! Wake up!” And I’m like, “Oh I’m up! I’m up!” We are up now. It ain’t that we weren’t awake. None of us heard the difference. People say woke – we get it – but what about being up? Up means you’re not even tired. You’re no longer wiping the sleep out of your eyes. You are focused. We up now. That’s music, that’s artists, that’s art – you have to feel it. If you can’t feel it, then it’s just two-dimensional, a waste of space and time. Everything is about feeling. Everything.”

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