Pure excellent break down of the true History of systemic oppression mechanisms that we used by the United States government against the black people who are descendants of chattel slavery.

He stated that he wanted people to share the video and the information that he has out together in chronological order. What firsts jumped out is that the information that he presented started just 56 years ago in 1964. Which is modern history.

49 years ago Richard Nixon opened up War on the black community. This is historical fact. From there we ended up with the current privatized prison system.

But let’s not forget the government is documented with creating Cointelpro. Which basically said they had to ensure that there was never an”Black Messiah”.

Then in 1987 the C.I.A flooding the black community with crack to fund the Contra affair. Lead by Ronald Reagan and Oliver North.

There is also evidence that George Soros is behind the Black Lives Matters and Antifa. Basically pretending to fight for the rights of black people being oppressed in the US.

That’s what makes his comments so genius and needed. To many people just chase commericals to learn about our conditions. You cannot learn about the truth from the actual system that’s oppressing you.

That a look that the video above.