Held captive in the store with Snowden are Manny, a Mexican immigrant child that Snowden is tasked with protecting, Sam Safty, Snowden’s stepfather, a Congressman who owns the store that has been taken over, the smart steadfast store manager, Sunshine, and her wife and employee Rainey, and finally Mikki, a kleptomaniac teenager.

Within the tense confines of the store, the hostages must work to stay alive and stop the group of terrorists all while secrets unfold as Raize’s personal vendetta against Safty is revealed. The movie sounds like just the kind of B-movie action thrill ride that Tyrese Gibson and Michael Jai White were made for.

Backus is attached to play the villainous terrorist Eagan Raize, whilst Michael Jai White is reportedly attached to play a character named Sparks. This means that Tyrese Gibson is likely to be taking on the role on the role of Child Protective Services officer, Kyle Snowden.

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