Premium Hip Hop

Im not into "Processed Hip Hop Culture".



Basically one of the most important reasons for the creation of Hip Hop is to stop the violence in the urban communities in New York. Overtime as in most genres and culture in general White media and Corporate America have taken over the core Aesthetics of the hip-hop Image on television social media and other outlets. Basically we’re back to where we were on day one using the underground in communicating directly with one another to really continue the movement for the purpose of Hip Hop which is to spread love peace and Harmony throughout the diversity of the diaspora for the melanated community along with all our races who seek the same. the purpose of my blog is to try and post content from The Hip Hop community that has been marginalized and basically whitewashed over. And give the original image of Hip Hop which is very rebellious towards the corporate structure and against the fallacy of capitalism.